Get to know Osian

Hello, I’m Osian and welcome to my blog! Treat it like a diary of my time as a Leadership and Management Professional Trainee in Cyngor Gwynedd Council. Enjoy!

My background?

I’m originally from Abergele, the home of I’m a Celebrity for the second consecutive year, in the far east of Conwy Borough County. I went to school at Ysgol y Creuddyn, Llandudno, after which I moved to study History at an Undergraduate and Postgraduate level at Oxford University for four years. I began at Jesus College (2017-20) before moving in my fourth year to Corpus Christi College (2020-21). Despite the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 lockdowns of the last two years, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Oxford. It was a truly unforgettable university experience.

Cynllun Yfory and Cyngor Gwynedd Council?

Why then, having studied in England and with my roots in northeast Wales, did I apply to join Cynllun Yfory? The principal reason is the Welsh language. Welsh has always been important to me, but Cyngor Gwynedd Council is the only local authority in Wales (and the world!) which operates internally, in the first place, through Welsh. It is a unique quality to the Council and a matter of great personal pride. Here, I can work on a daily basis in my mother tongue, and that on high-level managerial projects in many different specialist fields. Working environments of this sort are rare, and I can only give my thanks to the Council, in particular Cynllun Yfory, for this invaluable experience.

I imagine some are now asking, what exactly does a Leadership and Management Professional Trainee do in the Council? To put it simply, this is the general stream of Cynllun Yfory. It involves bi-annual rotations to different departments, and leading projects during each placement. It is a great way to experience the ‘nuts-and-bolts’ of the work and responsibilities of the Council: whether social; economic; political; and/or environmental. It is a unique graduate scheme in Wales, and it also involves the fantastic opportunity to study part-time for a Master in Public Administration (MPA).

I look forward to start writing about my experiences as a Trainee in the Council over the next two years!

Hwyl am heddiw,