Get to know Mogran

Hello I’m Morgan and I have just started as a Trainee Data analyst at NMWTRA on the cynllun yfory scheme.

I live In Caernarfon and I’m originally from Beddgelert. After living away in Cardiff for 6 years I decided to move back to Caernarfon in 2004 after completing my studies in Music. I also studied signal processing during this period which probably led to me working in IT.

Following moving back to Caernarfon I found out quickly there wasn’t much call for acoustic analysis and I found a job working for a software company based out of Parc Menai. During this time I was able to build on my limited experience of programming and I became really interested in the field of IT and more specifically data analytics.

Whilst working in Parc Menai I started cycling again mainly as a means to get to work but as the time passed it tuned into a bit of an obsession! Other than cycling my main interests are travelling, sport and being in the outdoors which is perfect seen as we live in North Wales.

My main motive for applying for the Cynllun yfory scheme was to push myself to learn once again. Data analytics was the field I had enjoyed most since leaving University and the opportunity to work professionally in this field whilst studying for an opportunity was too good to turn down. It was also an opportunity to work in a different subject field as the data I’d be looking at would be with Road networks as opposed to general IT data.

Moving forward my main objective is to become an accredited data analyst. Having left university some time ago I am also looking forward to reapplying myself academically in order to improve my skills.