Get to know Guto

Hello, I’m Guto and I’ve just started my new role as a ‘Procurement Professional Trainee’ for Gwynedd Councils graduate scheme ‘Cynllun Yfory’. Before starting my role is recently finished studying my master’s degree in ‘Management and Finance’ at Bangor University. Prior to this I had spent three years in Liverpool studying my undergraduate degree in ‘Maritime Business and Management’ at Liverpool John Moores University.

For the next two years I will be working in the procurement field for Gwynedd Council, beginning with a placement in the procurement service of the Corporate Support department.  During this time, I aim to improve my understanding of the procurement field through utilising the support and experiences available to me through the scheme. During my time as a trainee I will also be studying CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) qualifications, starting with a level four diploma in “Procurement and Supply Operations”.

In my spare time I enjoying activities such as running, climbing, swimming, skiing, and hiking in the mountains of Snowdonia.

I hope my blogs give you a taste of what a trainee experiences at Gwynedd Council, and give you a good insight into what it is like working in procurement.

Goodbye for now,

Guto Hughes.