Managers of Tomorrow Scheme

Gwynedd Council’s Schemes of Tomorrw provides you with the opportunity to gain experience, networks and qualifications to start your career in leadership and management.

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Purpose of the Schemes

The purpose of the Schemes of Tomorrow is to develop individuals to the highest possible level to undertake key positions within the Council. The schemes give individuals the opportunity to have the experiences, networks and qualifications needed to provide a firm foundation to start a career at Gwynedd Council.

Managers of Tomorrow Scheme and Specialist of Tomorrow Scheme are both part of Gwynedd Council’s Schemes of Tomorrow.

The purpose of the Managers of Tomorrow Scheme is to develop new managers to undertake key management positions within the Council, and the purpose of the the Specialist of Tomorrow’s Scheme is to develop individuals to specialise in specific areas within the Council and to undertake key specialist posts within the Council.

Overview of the Scheme

  • The successful candidate will receive all possible support and resources to gain a higher level professional qualification.
  • The trainee will experience working with various teams and contributing to work in a range of Services across the county.
  • There will be an opportunity to have valuable experiences beyond the usual, which will compliment the political, strategic, operational and front-line elements that are the integral parts of the council’s function.
  • Continuous support and reviews will take place throughout the two years to ensure the successful candidate gets the best out of the scheme.
  • In taking advantage of the above, the prospective manager will develop the confidence, skills and understanding of the essential behaviours that will be required to be an effective manager in Gwynedd Council.


The pay scale will be £ 22,434 – £ 24,717.

The exact pay point will be dependent on progress.

What are the basic requirements?

Candidates will have to meet the basic requirements below:

  • You have (or likely) gain a grade 2: 1 or above class. Your degree may be in any field.
  • You are eligible to apply whenever you graded.
  • You are fluent in Welsh and English
  • You have GCSEs at Grade C or above in Mathematics, Welsh, English and Science
  • You really want to work in local government
  • You have shown a willingness to lead others e.g in an educational situation (school, college, university), sport, social, community or work.