You have graduated and now you are looking for the next step to take in your career. Why not apply for a place on one of Gwynedd Council’s Schemes of Tomorrow?

Joining Gwynedd Council Schemes of Tomorrow will develop your skills and make sure you gain confidence by preparing you to be one of the organisation’s future leaders.

There are two schemes running within the Council, The Managers of Tomorrow Scheme and the Specialists of Tomorrow Scheme. Following the successful completion of your Scheme, you will be prepared to apply for posts at senior levels within the Council which may include a managerial or specialist roles.

You will benefit from mentoring, support and training from lecturers and field experts by studying for your qualifications at various Universities across the country, and you will also have a variety of unique, exciting and challenging experiences on your journey.

The blogs are intended to help you make the right decision when following the next step in your career, and we hope that we will welcome you as part of the Gwynedd Council team soon!

Eager to learn more about the scheme?

Watch this short video or click on their names on the top of the website to read their blogs.