Get to know Sara

Hello and welcome to my first official blog post!

Allow me to firstly introduce myself. I’m Sara and I am currently at the start of my career here at Cyngor Gwynedd as a General Manager Trainee on the Managers of Tomorrow Scheme. I am extremely happy to have won a place on a scheme that is both challenging and also very rewarding. Over the last four years I have been studying International Business Management in Edinburgh.


Here I am graduating !

Although I enjoyed my time living in a large and vibrant City I was very keen to apply for a job back home. I jumped at the chance to work within a county that means so much to me personally and I am particularly excited to contribute to the work of Gwynedd County Council. I am also looking forward to utilizing the skills I developed at University and put them to into practice as well as revitalize my Welsh language skills.

I would describe myself as an individual who possesses a positive outlook and as someone who continually strives to be both efficient and creative. Whilst studying International Business Management at University it became evident to me that my strengths lay within subjects surrounding organizational culture and diversity management. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to seeing how these topics of interest apply within the Gwynedd Council workplace.

What is in store for me?

To put it simply, the next two years will include a plethora of experiences such as visiting the front line services and working within different departments of the Council for six months. I will also be  working on individual projects, as well as having the opportunity to enroll on a Level 7 course in Strategic Management and Leadership. I am certain that visiting the front line will inspire me to think outside the box as well as broadening my knowledge regarding the main responsibilities of the Council, its structure and how they all interlink.

I will be utilizing this platform to share and update my experiences whilst working within the scheme – a personal diary! This will be a highly effective way of sharing with you what it is like to work within the Managers of Tomorrow Scheme at Gwynedd County Council. So, to keep up with my experiences be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming blog posts which will reflect on my first week at work and my first experience at the county’s call Centre “Galw Gwynedd”.  See you soon!……………..