Challenging Effectively – Part 4

Here is a quick update for you – our first ‘Challenging Effectively’ session is full! We are extremely pleased that there has been such interest in the session from individuals who are ready to challenge. Therefore a date has been set for another session to be held in order to give staff an additional opportunity … Continue reading Challenging Effectively – Part 4

Challenging Effectively – Part 3

We have some good news – our session has now received its CPD accreditation! We have chosen a date for the session – the 4th of September, and we are ready to start promoting the session. We truly hope that it will fuel our colleagues’ interest and that they will find it useful. In order … Continue reading Challenging Effectively – Part 3

Challenging Effectively – Part 2

The session is taking shape but there are many factors that still need to be considered. We need to practice the slides, pilot activities, create resources and decide on the script. In addition to these, we need to be promoting and marketing the session – we will need to consider how to promote, who we … Continue reading Challenging Effectively – Part 2

Challenging Effectively – Part 1

It is likely that you have by now, read several times that we, at Gwynedd Council, are seeking to ‘put the people of Gwynedd at the heart of everything that we do’ by following the principles of Ffordd Gwynedd. But what does this really mean? The first step is understanding the needs of the people … Continue reading Challenging Effectively – Part 1

The Qualification

  The 70:20:10 model developed by Morgan McCall and his colleagues during the 1980s divides learning and development in the workplace into three categories, that 70% of learning comes through practical experiences, 20% through social learning and 10% through formal learning. Although formal learning, such as qualifications, training or e-learning, has the lowest percentage it … Continue reading The Qualification

CMI Women’s Conference

2018 marks an important anniversary in the history of women's status. In 1918 the Representation of the People Act came into force and allowed a limited group of women to vote (provided they were over 30 years old and that they met the property qualification). Furthermore in 1918 the first woman, Constance Markievicz, was elected … Continue reading CMI Women’s Conference

Managing People Through Change

  As stated in the above quote change is inevitable and can be driven by a number of different factors. One major factor that has driven change in the Council is financial constraints in the public sector.  Whilst the goal of putting the people of Gwynedd at the centre of whatever the Council does remains, innovative … Continue reading Managing People Through Change

The First Placement – Procurement Unit

Following the initial fortnight in the Learning and Development Unit which allowed me to settle into my new role and to gain a better understanding of Gwynedd Council as a whole, I have now started my first placement in the Procurement Unit where I will be based for the first three months of the Scheme. So … Continue reading The First Placement – Procurement Unit