What does a Trainee Solicitor for the Council do?

Some time ago I wrote a blog going through a day in the life of a Legal Trainee for the Council. This gave an idea of ​​the type of tasks we were completing while doing my Property and Highways seat. Lately I’ve been working on Planning, Employment issues and a few Prosecutions. These are the kind of tasks this can cover.

Work for Employment Tribunal.

When an allegation is made against the Council in an Employment matter this paperwork comes into the Council and there are time limits that must be followed in terms of response and paperwork. This includes discussing the allegation with the appropriate client within council departments. You then have to respond to the allegation. A lot of the work I’ve been doing involves creating bundles to go to the Tribunal in these matters. All relevant documents must be gathered together whether they help our case or not. There is a great deal of work that can go into creating these bundles because of the number of documents that can be relevant. An allegation may cover an issue that goes back many years.

Within this type of work I have also been able to discuss issues with barristers and listen to the advice they share with our solicitor and client. When a case goes to the Tribunal there is also a need for witness statements and so advice is needed on how to set these out.

Due to the virus I have missed out on a few more practical opportunities that are possible face to face, but lately the work I have been doing whilst attending these meetings, creating the paper bundles and court visits has allowed me to have some of these practical experiences.

Legal Research

As a trainee it is likely that some sort of research will have to be done into issues and this is something that I have been doing throughout my time as a trainee. Due to the nature of work in local government the type of cases that come in are so wide and varied it is highly likely that you will come across something that you do not know about and therefore the matter needs to be researched. It is also possible for you to get a question from a client on an issue and the answer needs to be found, or some statutory interpretation that needs to be done.

Prosecution issues

Something new I’ve been able to work on lately is instigating prosecution issues. This includes writing letters to individuals warning them that they need to do something or action will start against them. I have also filled out paperwork that goes to court and asking for a date when the case will be heard. An example of the kind of issues I’ve dealt with are agricultural issues, debt collection and school attendance issues. Prosecution work can involve all sorts of cases and so the work is varied and interesting.

Due to the nature of work as a solicitor it is difficult to discuss what happens in a day or give enough details as the work is confidential, so hopefully this gives a little insight to those of you who are interested.

If you have any questions about this work, or any other work the legal department does please contact us via Instagram.

Thank you, Miriam

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