Reflection Of My First Month

Welcome to the second blog, and yes, the first month has flown by. It has been a month like no other and as they say ‘ Time flies when you’re having fun’.

As you can believe the first month has been an experience and a half, after coming straight from university into the work place. Within the first four weeks I have developed my knowledge of the council and the finance department, also meeting many new faces and taking on many challenging tasks.

Throughout the time so far, I have received a lot of work which includes analysing specific documents and reports before publication to the councilors. This has brought on responsibility as well as an unmatched level of understanding of the council and work as a whole.

I have also joined the Investment team, which monitor and control day to day inflows and outflows of payments including the investment of that money.

Working alongside the team I have developed many skills such as creating the daily cash flow, meaning I ensure that all payments are accounted for, which includes such things as pensions and wages!!

In the middle of this busy period I have now also started my CIPFA (Chartered Institute Of Public Finance and Accountancy) qualification, this term is split into two modules: Management Accounting and Financial Accounting. I attend my lectures every Monday and Tuesday which are held online, my first exam is coming up soon, which means studying this weekend for me!!

As a part of the scheme, we as trainees get the opportunity to hold meetings with different members of the council and ask questions about their specific area, recently we had a very interesting meeting with Vera Jones, who works for the Democratic side of the council, and we have many other meetings lined up throughout the year.

We also get the opportunity to join a variety of courses for the purpose of self development, I have recently enrolled on a course called ‘Leadership on Ice’ which is hosted by Academy Cymru in December.

Within the first month I have learnt many things but most important is how supportive everyone is, not only the line manager or professional manager but everyone whom you come into contact with, everyone works within a team in the council and are always ready to help.

I am looking forward to the months ahead, I will be joining the Enviroment Finance team and working on accounts for Highways and Municipal department.  I am keen on finishing 2021 strongly and looking forward for 2022.

If you would like further information about the scheme, please follow the link:

All the best,


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