Reflecting on my first three weeks…

Having now been on the Scheme for three weeks, it’s probably high time for me to start reflecting on my initial experiences as a Trainee in the Council.

The first week was mainly an induction – meeting my line manager, my department colleagues, my professional manager, and contacting officers from other departments in the Council. I’m certainly not the best at remembering names, so you can easily imagine how difficult a challenge this was for me.

Then into the second and third week. The first task was to develop a new marketing strategy for Cynllun Yfory. I had to research different types of marketing models, decide on new outreach methods, and devise a timescale for the strategy’s implementation. I’ve worked closely with Amy on the project, and have also received input from my fellow Trainees. Today has been an exciting day in the development of the strategy, as Cynllun Yfory was formally launched this morning as a partner of Darogan Talent – a graduate network in Wales.

We also had an interesting Q&A session with Vera Jones – the Council’s Democracy and Language Manager. It was a very useful crash course on the political make-up of the Council. In addition to all this, I’ve been organising short placements for myself with a number of different departments – the Democracy and Language Team, the Communication and Engagement Team, the Health, Safety and Welfare Team, Libraries, the Business Team, and with the Adult Care Team.

I am therefore very much looking forward to seeing what experiences I will have gained at the end of my two-year period on the Scheme.

Tan y tro nesaf,


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