The First Week…

Welcome to my first blog, ill take you through my first week as a professional trainee on the scheme.

To start at the beginning, the first step was to survive the traffic to Bontnewydd…and make it to the Galeri in Caernarfon to meet the rest of the trainees and the team at Cynllun Yfory. Starting any new job involves a bit of nerves, but they quickly disappeared after meeting Alun, Nicola and past trainee Meilir.

The purpose of the session was to give us more information about the scheme and the council, and mostly to get to know each other, over a cup of tea of course!! In the afternoon I had the opportunity to go to the headquarters and meet Ffion, my new boss. It was a great experience to learn more about the kind of work the Finance Department do.

As the world is today, after my visit to the offices, I like the majority of the country went with my new laptop and continued to work from home. This was challenging, but I received a lot of support over MS Teams, where I had daily meetings with various people.

There is a great network available here, where I got the chance to talk with Aron who was the previous trainee for the Finance Department, which gives a different perspective on things. I also had the opportunity to talk with Dewi Morgan who ensures I get to participate in qualifications such as CIPFA.

During the rest of the week, I did a lot of reading work and completing modules based on various policies surrounding the council, this allowed me to gain more knowledge of the Finance Department as well as the council as a whole. I got to read a lot in particular about the Investment Department which work on the Pension Fund, which I found very interesting.

In the upcoming weeks I am looking forward to working alongside the Investment and Environment Departments learning more about what they do, through working alongside them on day-to-day tasks. Included in all this, I am very keen to start my CIPFA (Chartered Institute Of Public Finance & Accountancy) qualification, where I can continue to learn and expand on my knowledge about the industry.

The first week has been great, and I am very confident that this feeling will continue into the future as I find my feet. There are exciting times ahead, so keep an eye out of future blogs.

Bye for now,


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