First Week Blog

In an effort to create a slightly different blog I want to create a traffic light system for my first week to try to explain all the things I’ve learned in my first week. Green – the things I’ve done, Yellow – the things I need to do and red – the things I need to stop doing.


– Begin to build relationships with people in the Office

– Begin to understand Revenue systems

– Enroll on the IRRV courses

– Understand the flexi, sickness and holiday system

– Make sure I know where the coffee is kept / the best places to get coffee in Caernarfon


– Make sure I ask questions e.g. ask if ‘acronyms’ don’t make sense

– Make sure I understand the computer and where things are stored

– Make sure I keep up with the latest football score

– Begin to understand Council and Non Domestic Rates systems


– Don’t support Arsenal if you ar ein an office full of Man Utd or Liverpool supporters

– Don’t support the Bangor football team over Caernarfon football team

– Don’t forget the work card that lets you into the Building

In all seriousness though, my first week has been very enjoyable and informative! I’m looking forward to the next few weeks as I get more training on the finance systems and start to do things independently.

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