A few words of advice

With the assessment days currently under way I thought it would be practical to offer some ‘tips’ to those who are yet to attend. Here’s a short blog with some words of advice from some of the current trainees …

“Try to enjoy the experience. Try to keep in mind that there is more than one opportunity to show your ability over the course of all the tasks ”- Arawn – Secondment as a Post 16 Senior Project Officer in the Education Department – Management Trainee originally.

“The ‘Cynllun’ is looking at potential for development, not someone who has already gathered all relevant experience. Take the opportunity to showcase your potential as well as the opportunity to share your current relevant experiences ”- Aron – Finance Trainee

“Set aside time before attending the assessment centre to research the service’s main objectives, the department, and the main challenges they face over the coming years” – Meilir – Wellbeing Trainee, Adults, Health and Well-being

“Taking part in the home base assessment gives you the opportunity to maintain an element of control over the situation and how you perform. Make sure your environment is comfortable, that everything you need for your day is easily accessed and that you are not disturbed if possible. This made me feel at ease”- Miriam – Legal Trainee

“Don’t try to be a different person to yourself, Try your best and good luck” – Gwern – Property Safety Surveyor Trainee

“When you’re at the assessment centre make sure you give a variety of different experiences you’ve had and try not to rely on one specific experience more than once.” – Catrin – Countryside Management Trainee

“Prepare and do your research so you can be confident on the day” – Emily – Registration Trainee

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