Moving on from the Scheme……

Almost a year after starting as a Health and Safety Professional Trainee on the Scheme and strangely I’m no longer involved. That’s because I’ve been lucky enough to have a Permanent position within the council. My official title is Environmental Quality Assurance Engineer within Highways and Municipal. The 7 months I had on the Scheme have been hugely beneficial to me as a person and I wouldn’t have got into the current job without the opportunities and experiences I had on the scheme. So I would suggest to anyone thinking of applying, to do as it is an extremely good and beneficial Scheme for an individual to be part of.

Working from home since starting the scheme and in a new job has been a huge experience and a huge challenge for myself and others but nevertheless I have had some great opportunities. Being part of the network and various meetings and projects of the scheme has enabled me to engage with different people across the council. I have been involved in various courses through the scheme and am looking forward now in August for a three day course I am doing through the scheme even though I have left the scheme. The opportunities available to individuals of the scheme are extremely unique and valuable.

I am enjoying my new job now and looking forward to the future so that I can develop as an individual and gain more qualifications in environmental management. Many thanks to the opportunities I had on the scheme and luckily making a few new friends as well, so I’ve really benefited from being part of Tomorrow’s Plan.

Thank you for the 7 months and good luck to the individuals applying for the posts this year!

Bye for now!

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