Day in the life of a trainee solicitor

One thing I found difficult when studying to be a lawyer was what a day looked like for a lawyer. I am currently working on legal matters for the Property and Highways department, as well as working on some Planning matters.

Down in my diary for today was one half hour meeting to catch up with someone about how things were going in my current seat. But when I started work, I had a busy and varied day, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to make some sort of diary to show a day as a Legal Trainee with the Council.

8:00Arrive at my desk and look through any emails that have arrived since the previous day. Look at my calendar to see what’s on today. Make a list of tasks for the day. Start replying and sending emails.
9:00A Teams Meeting to check documents relating to a footpath issue.
10:30Meeting with a member of the Learning and Development Team to catch up with the progress of the seat I am currently in.
11:00Arrange with a member of the office that special original forms located at the office need to be sent out to me so that I can complete them while dealing with an issue.
11:15Completing and submitting form RX1 to Land Registry which restricts the title to property, and adds this restriction to the title documents.
12:00Contact an office administrator to arrange for an order confirming a route to be sealed and signed.
12:15A call from a member of the Learning and Development Team discussing Cynllun Yfory promotional opportunities, and ideas for future events.
LunchtimeIt’s important to make sure I step away from the screen and get something to eat and drink. Sometimes I go for a walk at this time, depending on the day I’m having and the weather!
13:00Contact the Planning department for specific information on a planning application. Then follow up with a few emails that came in during the morning (these include planning applications and further information on ongoing matters).
13:15Work on documents relating to several footpaths – some new and some amending orders. There’s a lot of formalities and steps behind these, and timing can be crucial.
14:00Teams Meeting to talk about an issue affecting a complex title with multiple landowners. This involved a great deal of discussion and investigation.
15:15Being drawn into another interesting research matter with Land Registry involving unregistered land. My studies, both undergrad and postgrad have always mainly focused on registered land, so it was interesting to look into unregistered land.
15:30I then revisit the matter involving the intricacies of a route and organise how to move forward with this matter.
16:00Arrange for an Agreement to be sealed at the office. I also had other pieces of work to do in the background during the day today, so between meetings I was looking at planning applications and certificates of lawful use, preparing answers to reply to planning officers.
17:30Prepare for the DiSC Training session with the Cynllun Yfory crew next week. Revisit the task list from the start of the day to evaluate if something needs to be finished or done before tomorrow. I’ll also take a quick look at the calendar tomorrow to make sure I remember any meetings or the routine

Every day is so varied and so it’s difficult to schedule a ‘normal day’, but for those of you who are interested, hopefully this gives you a little idea of the kind of things I can deal with day to day.

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