It’s been a busy year so far whilst still working from home. I’m still based with the Learning Disabilities team and I feel as if I’m getting my teeth in to the work of the department now which in turn is making the finance element of things easier. I am also getting to know more and more individuals which can only be beneficial. I attended a conferrence by the NHS recently, which had a range of sessions relating to finance within the NHS but also other public sector set ups such as Local Authority. It was great to see the desire to co-work accross public sectors to ensure better and more streamlined services for our citizens. It’s fair to say that the changes to working patterns due to the pandemic has made co working, meeting up over teams and so on easier accross the sector.

As for the qualification, I’ve reached the half way mark after passing the 2 exams I took before Christmas. Due to COVID circumstances I am only doing one module this time around, but it should keep the momentum going whilst easing the pressure slightyl. The important thing to note here is the flexibility of the ‘Cynllun’ and the understanding nature of the managers within the Council to everyone’s individual circumstances.

As for the ‘Cynllun’, the year has started with numerous sessions, meetings, talks by internal and external individuals. recently we had the first session with an external guest, Nic Parry and what a cracking session it was. Credit has to be given to Guto Gwenallt, Health and Safety Trainee for arrangeing it. (Guto is the kind of person who could arrange to have Gareth Bale host a talk if we wanted to, he knows EVERYONE, or knows someone that knows someone) The session was excellent, an interesting career story, plenty of humor and excellent tips for trainees with their career aspirations. The message once again for anyone thinking if this ‘Cynllun’ is for them is that there are a wide range of experiences on offer to develop an individual.

On that note, keep an eye out on our social media in the coming weeks to hear about the 2021 opportunities.

Take Care


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