2020 has been an interesting year to say the least.

Since about 9 months now the process of working from home continues and like many other changes it has its pro’s and con’s. I save the 2 hours a day in the car, which means I can take the little one to school in the morning but i miss out on the formal and informal chats in the office. I found that i learnt a lot from experienced colleagues by hearing their conversation between each other. Having said that the adaptation to using teams has been really effective, and to this day I won’t know how the IT team managed to get everything working so seamlessly so quickly.

Since I last wrote, I’ve had many an experience, the first one being with the internal audit team. This experience went hand in hand with my CIPFA module which was great, so rest assured that the practical experiences you will get as part of this scheme will be relevant. The experience gave me a look in to the integral works of the audit team, as they focus on quality provision of services. It was very much Ffordd Gwynedd focused to ensure that the residence of Gwynedd are integral to the Council’s choices. After this period i returned to accounts to support with closing down the accounts. This was even more of a challenge this year under the circumstances. It is always a fast paced time with statutory deadlines to meet, but this year meant working more flexibly than last. I am now involved with the Learning Disabilities Service in the Adults Team. The experience has been challenging as it has meant stepping in to the shoes of a very experienced and knowledgable accountant, but the challenge has been very beneficial from a learning curve point of view.

As for the course, I have passed my first year and have just taken 2 exams. The course has moved to be online as opposed to in manchester, and again there are pro’s and con’s to this. During the year I’ve had various experiences as part of the Scheme, involvenet with the assessment days and mentoring one of the new trainees. As previously mentioned, the Scheme will offer you a lot to develop your soft skills.

On that note I will wish you a Merry Christmas


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