New Opportunities and Challenges

Recently, I have been working on projects that I had never imagined working on. Although my degree is in countryside management, focusing on mainly wildlife and environment, I am now working on large scale traffic project. I am currently working on developing a new cycle route from Llanrug to Caernarfon. Gwynedd Council have a responsibility to design and create new active travel opportunities throughout Gwynedd, under the Active Travel Act 2013.

 My role is this project is creating consultancy presentations, posters, and surveys and designing website information. This project is interesting and enjoyable, and is something completely new in my experiences. Who would have thought I would have been working on a project like this when I started the scheme? The aerial photograph below shows the route that we have chosen to create the new cycle route. It will provide better connections to communities and local attractions such as the castle.

Some aspects of this project presents some challenges, however working with other members of the team quickly helps you work around the problem. It is rewarding to think that sometime soon in the future this will be a completely built cycleway, offering a quick cycling and walking route into Caernarfon. Providing facilities such as a new cycling route will hopefully allow and encourage people to cycle or walk to work or school. Ultimately helping the environment making greener lifestyle choices.

I very much enjoy the outdoors myself and I am pleased to be working on improving and creating new walking and cycling facilities for the people of Gwynedd. Promoting active travel journeys is another project that I am developing. Usually school biking safety courses would be provided, however once again the impact of COVID is presenting challenges not previously thought of such as social distancing measures.

The Course

Last month I handed in my first assignment! The first of many. The first lectures focused of different farmland species by overlooking their population status and how agriculture intensification has impacted their survival.  My first assignment was to design an A1 poster about a farmland species recovery project. After researching potential species I could choose, I settled for they grey partridge. I have seen a red legged partridge but never a grey partridge, and this sparked my curiosity. The graph shows population trends from 1996-2018. Here is where you can see their numbers fall dramatically over the years mainly due to agriculture intensification. Without drastic action it is unlikely that grey partridge will be able to fully recover.

In the next few weeks I will have more assignment deadlines approaching. One is making a New Scientist article exploring the effects that upland sheep farming has on biodiversity. I am placed in a team of 4. It is nice to meet new people with a range of background in the field of wildlife conservation and to have regular meeting to discuss an interesting topic. This article assignment will then lead to an individual social media campaign, which I have yet to learn more about.

This month I have also started a new module in Forestry and Woodland Management. I am keen to get started with this module as I am very interested in forest and woodlands. This modules assignment is particularly interesting as I get to choose a woodland of my own and discuss the management and see how well it has been implemented. Not in a report but in a video format, a refreshing way of doing an assignment!

The Scheme

As many of you know, the possibilities with Cynllun Yfory is endless. For some months I have been working effective public speaking coached by Ffion, Gwynedd Council’s Talent & Apprenticeship Development Co-ordinator. I once use to feel overwhelmed by the thought of presentations but thanks to Ffion’s coaching my confidence in presenting has developed and improved so much. I have done some short presentations already and I have many more presentations planned. Although I have a long way to go to be comfortable with delivering a great presentation, I am for sure making progress.

The scheme is about- Thinking. Achieving. Enjoying. And I am certainly doing that! I am taking on new challenges and opportunities every day and who knows what project I will be a part of in future. I am still aiming to become a specialist in Rights of Way, but it’s great that I am also included in many other projects.

Bye for now!

Lest We Forget.

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