A ‘New Normal’?


I hope you’re all keeping safe during these uncertain times.

I thought I’d give you a little update on what’s been happening.

For a little over two months now, all of us (including you reading this), have had to change the way we live our lives. There have been clear guidelines for us to stay at home and only leave our homes if necessary. As a result, most of the registration team and I are now working from home which means we have had adapt to new ways of working.

We have also had to get used to different ways of communicating with each other and our colleagues across different council departments. For example, we can’t walk to the next room to ask a question and neither can we meet face to face. Of course it is still possible to use more traditional communication methods such as e-mail and phone (and these are the best methods in some circumstances) – but this has also been an opportunity to experiment with less traditional forms of communication such as chats and video calls for example.

Cynllun Yfory is no exception either – the other trainees and I have held our meetings over video call for the first time during this period. It was great to see everyone’s faces, catch up and share ‘tips’ for working-from-home and so on. Technology has played a vital role in helping us all to stay in touch, at a time when that is perhaps more important than ever.

Another way I’ve been trying to make the most of this technology is by attending webinars. What is a webinar you ask?

Simply put, a webinar is some kind of seminar or presentation that is hosted over the internet. It has been great to be able to continue to learn and develop my skills whilst working from home. The webinars I’ve attended have focused on mental health, wellbeing and coping with change. It would be a bit of a challenge for me to summarise the content of these webinars in this blog… However, I will finish by sharing one of the key messages (which is relevant to the current situation):

Where we focus our attention will determine how we feel. For example, there is a lot of uncertainty on the news / social media at the moment due to the pandemic, and if we spend too much time watching the news or scrolling social media pages, this could lead us to feeling uncertain.  So it’s OK to turn off the TV or lock your mobile phone and do something that makes you feel happy.

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