The First Months

I have been in the job for 2 months now and I feel I’ve learnt quite a bit already!

The first couple of weeks were getting to know everyone across the agency and also getting to know the structure of the organization as it is unique in the sense it’s funded by the Welsh assembly.

Although I’d worked in data analytics previously I hadn’t any knowledge of road agencies or road networks, so during this time I have been trying to absorb as much information as possible! As the weeks have passed I feel as I am beginning to get to grips with the terminology and data !

With regards to analysing data I have been busier since the lockdown. Traffic flow is a good indicator to show if people are adhering to the lockdown. There have also been cases of speeding since the roads are quieter, so I’ve been looking at creating speed reports detailing this information.

Other than this I guess I’ve been trying to cope with the lockdown myself since it has changed the way in which we live and work massively! As I mentioned before I am massively into cycling so since the lockdown I have bought a smart Turbo trainer which allows me to cycle indoors, and for someone who is relatively accident prone it has been quite the revelation not having to watch out for obstacles!

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