My last blog!

Hello! I hope you’re all safe and well during these strange and uncertain times.

Quite some time has passed since I last wrote one of these, so here’s a quick and brief update of what I’ve been up to!

A year in secondment…

After completing my placement with the Public Service Board I was offered a secondment to a job within the Communications and Engagement Service in April 2018. This meant I would be taking a break from the Scheme for a year. My main role within the team was to support the Council’s engagement practices.

I was very fortunate to be a part of the team during the Council’s Financial Strategy consultation period. This was a fantastic opportunity for networking – both internally and externally – with the public, every department within the Council and with the Chief Executive.

During the year I also worked on leading a project to improve the way the Council engages with children and young people, worked on Gwynedd’s branding strategy and worked with the Core Equality Group. During this period I developed and enhanced many soft skills in terms of communication and engagement, skills that could be transferred and used in any role for the future.

Back on the Scheme…

Following my secondment period I was very fortunate to be offered a placement as part of the  Scheme with Ymgynghoriaeth Gwynedd Consultancy (YGC) department.

YGC offers both corporate and commercial services, making the department very unique in comparison to the rest of the Council’s departments. YGC is a consultancy, primarily specialising in planning, designing and completing projects within the infrastructure environment.

With a degree background and an interest in Geography, being offered a placement with the Water and Environment Service was an opportunity I could never turn down. I was very lucky to be able to see the department from a trainee perspective as it allowed me to spend more time with specialist staff that allowed me to start to develop in various fields within the service.

I was given an opportunity to lead on a project which resulted in building a new working relationship with an external company, being part of a job interviewing panel, writing environmental reports and preparing businesses cases for different schemes for Welsh Government grant (and these are to name only a few things!).

One aspect which was very different in this placement (as I have previously mentioned) but suited my style of learning was that most of my development came as a result of spending time and learning skills from specialist staff – an aspect which I found far more valuable at times than going on training courses!!

On to YGC…

Following an 8 month placement with YGC, and following completion of my CMI Level 7 in Strategic Management and Leadership with Bangor University I received a job within the Water and Environment Service at YGC. I am currently three months into my new post and enjoying every minute – constantly developing new skills and broadening my knowledge.

I can’t thank each placement and experience I’ve had over the past years enough, especially those individuals that believed in me and guided me along the way. If you ever get the opportunity to apply for a role as a trainee, the only advice I can give you is go for it! You will not regret it and who knows what opportunities it will bring.



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