End of an era…

Sitting down to write this blog is a mixture of feelings as this is my last blog as a Management Trainee on Gwynedd Council’s Cynllun Yfory. Over the last two years I have learned a lot and developed not only as an individual but also in my professional role, and have now had the opportunity to reflect on the experience.

I have passed my Level 7 qualification in Strategic Management and Management and Leadership through the CMI, and almost completed my Level 7 qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring through the ILM. I have worked on projects within the Council looking at systems change, worked across sectors trying to improve collaboration in a specific area of ​​Gwynedd, led on communicating changes with the public about Transforming our Youth Service, and have been involved in leading the Gwynedd Council Apprenticeship Scheme.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to develop my own training session, attend Academi Wales Summer School to hear a number of innovative speakers discussing leadership, and have been very fortunate to visit a number of different departments and teams, having met many new friends and colleagues along the way.

End of an era

Although the end of my traineeship was drawing to a close, I didn’t feel pressured into finding a job because I wanted to find the right job that I would enjoy, and want to develop further over the next few years. During my time completing Ffordd Gwynedd training, and being placed in departments experiencing periods of change I was very keen to be working on exciting projects that would focus on managing and leading change. I was also keen to work with people, seeing the impact of change benefiting the people of Gwynedd, and had thoroughly enjoyed working as part of a team.

Securing my new job

During the job searching I found the perfect opportunity within the Adult, Health and Well-being Department, which was the first department I was placed in as a Trainee. This gave me a boost as I was already familiar with members of staff and had some awareness of the Department’s plans and vision. When I decided to apply for the job and get an interview, there was a need to plan ahead to make sure my traineeship ended neatly. I knew I would be sad to leave my final placement with the Apprenticeship team, but I also felt that (thanks to my time as a trainee) I had the right skills, experience and confidence to be applying for the next step.

Looking forward to the future

I have enjoyed every second of my time as a trainee, and have ensured that I am taking every opportunity to gain new experiences and challenge myself. It gives all trainees the broad skills and opportunities that enable us to be eligible to apply for various jobs within the Council. So if you are reading this blog while wondering if Tomorrow’s Plan is the next step for you, go for it and apply now!

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