Preparing my application and counting down the days until I start the course

“Meilir you said? And how do I spell that sorry?” This is how my phone interview for the qualification started. To be fair, I doubt that members of staff at the University of Birmingham come across people called Meilir very often. The phone interview was one of the first steps in the application process. It’s likely that some of you have had this experience before, during a university application or maybe whilst trying for a job. To those of you who haven’t, it’s a rather odd experience.

In reality, a phone interview is very similar to a formal interview or an assessment centre, despite the obvious differences, which are the phone and the empty room in which you’re sitting. It’s important that you are enthusiastic about your work, that you show a willingness to learn and develop and that you can describe your skills and experiences in a favourable light. The truth is, every successful candidate will have a similar experience to this after joining the scheme, as we trainees are responsible for organising various aspects of the qualification application ourselves.

On this occasion, I was preparing an application for a Master’s degree in Public Administration. This degree will be one hundred percent online taught, and will consist of twelve modules and a dissertation spread over a period of two and a half years. I will be studying a new module every eight weeks, and some of the modules include ‘leadership in public services’, ‘managing public money’ and ‘managing in a political environment’. There’s no doubt that this course is tailor made for those who aspire to be public sector leaders in the future.

By following mine and the other trainees’ blogs you will find that the qualifications we study vary, and that they’re totally dependent on our specialist fields. For example, Emily is currently studying a qualification in registering births, deaths and marriages, and Aron is studying a CIPFA qualification in accounting. There’s no doubt that the opportunity to study a funded high level qualification is one of the things that makes the scheme so popular amongst graduates. It’s a fantastic opportunity, and one that rarely exists here in North Wales. Therefore, remember to keep an eye on our website and social media pages over the coming months, as there are new roles on the way!

I will be starting my Master’s degree late in October, so I’m sure to discuss my progress and experience further in the coming blog posts, so remember to look out for my next blog entry.

Bye for now,


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