An update from the Education Department and my CMI Level 7 qualification.

Can I start this blog by saying a big hello to every one of you. The first year of my time as a management trainee at Gwynedd Council has flown by, and I have now been located in the education department since November of 2018.

Due to the nature of internal and public consultations I do not have nor are able to report on the content of the work I am working on in detail here. But my responsibilities include assisting projects managers in the Modernization Education department at Gwynedd Council. We lead projects which include federalising small or medium size schools, we take a strategic look at school numbers and schools capacity numbers and we also build new schools by taking our directions from the school organisation code 2017 – a guidelines and measures of the Welsh Government.

I have learned a great deal about the field and about the skills needed to operate effectively in a busy and ever changing department like this in the council. I have because of previous experiences good communication skills and I enjoy communicating complex plans in a clear and simple way. But working in the education department requires the ability to co-work and share a message with a large number of different audiences, on a daily basis I liaise with headteachers, gwynedd council officers, elected members of the council, parents and school governors. As you can imagine I will continue to learn and develop as a trainee in the Council within the educational department!

In addition to working in the education department I will continue to study the CMI Level 7 qualifications at Bangor University. In the past year I have completed 3 modules which has focused on ‘Change Management, ‘Leadership in Practice’ and ‘Project Management’. I will over the next year attend two more modules which will bring the total to 5 modules and 6 essays.

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