A trip to the Eisteddfod.



There’s more to this scheme than being in the office and politics, I promise you.

Since the last blog I have been co-working closely with Meilir and Emily in order to prepare for a day at the Eisteddfod.

What for, I hear you ask? Why would anyone from the Finance Department go to the Eisteddfod?

Honestly, the reason being, is that marketing the scheme is a big part of our work as trainees. A massive purpose of the scheme is to ensure a continuation plan for the Council, and therefore it is important to raise awareness of the scheme so that anyone who may be interested in applying has the chance to see the opportunities.

Note that Alun and Nicola are busily discussing the opportunities that will be on offer at the moment so keep a close eye out for this update in the near future.

The trainees will be sharing Facebook, Instagram and blog posts regarding the opportunities once they’re known, so give our Facebook and Instagram pages a follow…



A conversation that we had as new trainees was the need for us to ramp up the efforts to market the scheme. Whilst we prepare blogs and social media posts, we felt that we needed to increase the following on social media and needed to create marketing material that displayed a long term brand for the scheme, so this was a project the three of us as newbies decided to take on.

With the intention of attending the Eisteddfod as guests on the Gyrfa Cymru stand (Great thanks to Gyrfa Cymru for this) we had a deadline in mind to create the material. After a few sessions of brain storming, designing and perfecting we came to a conclusion we were all happy with and the intention is to carry this brand through the majority of our marketing work.

The day was also an opportunity to focus on the skills required for the workplace. We decided to take 2 tasks to encourage people to think about these skills. One task focused on teamwork, communication and listening with the intention of an individual completing a jigsaw whilst wearing an eye mask. The individual was dependent on clear instruction from others as well as their ability to listen and process information effectively. The second activity was a skills wall, this provided an opportunity for individuals to write down their ideas of essential work skills and worked as a visual for others too.

So what was the purpose of this?

Essentially, to get people thinking about work skills, but more so than that, an opportunity for potential applicants to think about what we are looking for here in the Council from our future trainees. So as per all my blogs, here’s my tip for you if you’re thinking of applying in the future…

Be unique, be inventive and resourceful, but remember, the core skills, and the ability to boast and showcase those in an application, and further in the assessment, is essential.

Here’s a few more snaps from the Eisteddfod 😀 See you. A


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