What About Politics?

Because the political side of the Council has such an influence on day to day work and the provisions for the People of Gwynedd I thought it would be appropriate to introduce a little bit about the lesson’s I’ve had in the first few months, side by side with the work I’ve completed in the job.

One of the tasks introduced to me during the first few weeks since starting in the Finance department were to translate some reports for the Cabinet meeting. This gave me an opportunity to make use of my degree and to feel useful without having any knowledge to complete accountancy work as of yet. (Bearing in mind that the CIPFA qualification doesn’t start until September, so I’m very much in the dark regarding accountancy at the moment) This sort of task gave me the opportunity to get my teeth in to the figures of each departments budgets and it provided a chance to start the learning curve for what the accountants work leads to in regards to the lessons learnt from the studying of the transactions.

Three individual reports were being introduced to the Cabinet, and those looked at:

  1. 2018/19 Final Accounts. (with a summary of each department within the Council)
  2. 2018/19 Capital Programme.
  3. Savings Overview – Progress on achieving the Savings Scheme.

It’s possible to see the document in the form of the programme (along with every programme for the Cabinet meetings) by visiting the Council’s website.

As previously mentioned it will give you a taste of the Political side of things that influences all of the Council team’s work, and it will pretty certainly give you a head start if you’re considering applying for one of the Scheme’s jobs in the future.

Here’s the agenda for the meeting I attended:


(You may have to copy and paste the link as it can sometimes misbehave)

The meetings are streamed live also, and of course… I chose to sit behind the Chief Executive to take my notes, so I’m already famous. Oops!

Here’s a link to the webcast:


Again, a quick tip would be to have a look at a Cabinet meeting relating to the department you may be applying for, again to give yourself a head start.

It was an interesting experience, with the formal nature of the meeting being natural when dealing with such subjects. It became very clear early on that Ffordd Gwynedd ( Here’s a link to Emily’s blog if you wish to learn more – https://cynllunyfory.com/en/2019/05/23/which-way-for-gwynedd/ ) was a subject that was at the heart of every conversation, which created a nice link to the Welcome meeting I mentioned in my first blog. It also showed that it was an ethos that was being delivered at every level. It was interesting to see the expectancy on the member’s to be answerable to subjects such as over spending and again the work that I had been able to contribute to offer some context to the discussion.

Who knows if attending meetings such as this would be an ordinary occurrence when starting a new job with the council, but again, without a doubt, it shows the value of being a part of the Specialist of Tomorrow Schemes.

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