Which ‘way’ for Gwynedd?

It’s hard to believe that my last blog post was nearly a month ago … I think that’s a sign of my enthusiasm to immerse myself into all the experiences I’ve had so far (something I hope will continue over the course of the next 2 years).

One of these experiences was the opportunity to attend a ‘Ffordd Gwynedd’ course.

What is ‘Ffordd Gwynedd’ I hear you ask? Well, quite simply it is the ‘way’ we work here in Gwynedd Council and that means putting the people of Gwynedd at the centre of all we do. It is not one specific thing – it includes a collection of behaviours, culture, customs and much more.

It was a 6 day course but was held over a 6 week period. I think it’s near impossible to compress the content of the 6 days into one blog update – and in fact I don’t want to give away too many ‘spoilers’ either, in case someone reading this post gets the chance to go on the course themselves in the future!

The course was especially for managers. But Emily, you’re not a manager … That’s right, I’m not a manager, so I feel very lucky to have had the chance to attend the course. Why then was I given the opportunity to attend the course in the first place?

Well, as I mentioned on my ‘Get to know Emily’ page an exciting opportunity has arisen within the registration service to transform the service by making some of our services available to the public at more convenient times for them. Ensuring that the service focuses on what matters to the customer.

In order to transform a service, there must be a solid understanding of that service, and the course has given me the ‘tools’ in order to do just that! As well as these ‘tools’, one of the main things that has stayed with me from the course is that the starting point for trying to ensure the above understanding is to consider everything through the eyes of the people of Gwynedd rather than through the eyes of the organisation and its staff.

I have to admit, this is one of the best experiences I have had during my short time on the scheme so far. I’m confident that this opportunity to work with managers and leaders from different departments, sharing our ideas and experiences, will prove invaluable over the next 2 years whilst working on the project of transforming the service.

Transforming a service is not an easy task of course, nor will it happen overnight – but I’m looking forward to the challenge and to be able put what I have learned on this particular course to work within the registration service.

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