Reflecting on my first few weeks…

I have been in the role nearly a month now, and without a doubt it has flown by! I’m sitting here writing this blog, reflecting on my first few weeks, and realising just how many valuable experiences I’ve had in such a short period of time.

If I had to describe these first few weeks as a trainee using only one word, that word would most definitely be “busy”! I’m going to try and give you an overview of this busyness, and I will try and keep it as short as possible.

The first week was more of an induction week to tell you the truth – meeting my line manager, my professional manager, my team leader and my co-workers as well as settling into my new office. As you can imagine – a week of trying to remember a lot of names and a lot of faces!

The second and third week involved arranging and going out to visit the frontline – this included visiting Siop Gwynedd Pwllheli and Galw Gwynedd, the council’s contact centre. Listening to a number of calls in the contact centre was an invaluable experience. Believe me, the contact centre workers do much more than just transfer calls and answer general questions! They make appointments to register births and deaths, deal with council tax payments, asses blue badge application forms, distribute parking permits, order bins and waste facilities and much more! Here are my findings after spending 3 days in the contact centre – the workers have to be some sort of “encyclopaedias” and experts in many areas and play a key role for the council!

During this time, I have also started training how to register births and deaths – this is more related to my day to day role. This training will continue over the next few weeks…

I have also had the privilege of attending the ‘Ffordd Gwynedd’ training course – so far this has been thought provoking experience. This is a 6 week course and I hope to write a blog to update you at the end of these 6 weeks, so keep an eye on this page.

It is only when one takes a step back can they really appreciate the wealth of experiences that they have had. I am therefore looking forward to seeing what experiences I will have had at the end of the 2 years and I look forward to sharing these experiences with you!

Bye for now,



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