Pre-application advice…

If you’re thinking of applying for a place as a Specialist Trainee as part of Gwynedd Council’s Schemes of Tomorrow, my first advice is, go for it! I and all the others that are part of the Schemes have been in your shoes, wishing and hoping that our applications would be strong enough – so don’t worry, be brave, and consider if you submit an application, what is the worst that can happen?

As a qualified primary teacher with a Psychology degree, I decided to apply for a place on the Managers of Tomorrow Scheme. Almost two years later, I don’t regret a day!

When I was applying for my place, I wanted to learn more about the Scheme and the application process, and I would have been delighted to receive advice from someone who had been through the same experience. Therefore, I have summarized my 5 top tips for you!

1. The first step is to read and research into the Scheme – you can do this by reading our information pack, read our blogs, watch the videos, or follow our social media pages!

2. I would recommend that you choose your specialised area carefully, as you will complete a qualification relevant to your chosen field, and it will be an integral part of your everyday work. This year we are looking for three trainees in the areas: finance, registration and well-being. Which field are you drawn to?

3. Make sure you have prepared for the Assessment Centre and the interview – it will be a tiring and challenging day, so do your best, enjoy the experience of meeting the other candidates and don’t be too hard on your yourself!

4. Remember that we are looking for trainees – we don’t expect you to be an expert of any kind in the field of your choice yet! Securing your place on the Scheme will give you an opportunity to learn about your area – we will be looking for a willingness to learn and develop.

5. If you need any help or advice – contact us! Who better to ask for information than individuals like you!

Good luck!

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