The biggest change and the longest time

I’d like to start by apologizing that the blog has been quiet, that is due to a lot of moving from one place to another.

I have moved from one lovely project within the Council’s ADULT services to EDUCATION, which is a new field for me altogether. I am now based within the MODERNIZATION EDUCATION team for the next 8 months!

I have a lot to report, so let us make a start:

This project has hopped, jumped and flew since we were given the task of creating a project which allowed us to gain experience in front line services at Gwynedd Council’s ADULT services back in November 2018.

The project enabled us to chat with residents and see for ourselves what its like to work in care work. Although we have spent little time in the residential homes; the focus of our work was to think of ways of giving something worth while to those residents that have settled in Gwynedd’s residential homes.

Included In the community memory chest was:
– A photo album full of old photos of either the Nantlle Valley, Pen Llyn, Blaenau Ffestiniog and the surrounding area
– A CD that includes old sound clips from the BBC archive
– Books on local history and photos for each specific area
– An empty A3 Scrap Book for the residents to fill the pages with pictures of their own.

I can report that various media coverage has been to the project also. I had the opportunity to speak various radio programmes in Welsh and English. The first one was Aled Hughes (BBC Radio Cymru), Heart FM, Capital Radio (English language), Post Prynhawn (BBC Radio Cymru). I also went ahead and created a bilingual press release and this appeared that in the Cambrian News and lleol.Cymru website ( The whole experience was lovely, and I enjoyed working with Sara on this special project!

Where am I now…

I have now settled in the EDUCATION department. Being here is very interesting and its different every day. In my career I’ve contemplated on a number of times applying to be a teacher, but the time has never been convenient nor realistic.

I have also been on a Mental Health First Aid course, something I wanted to do for a long time. Taking care of ourselves and others is so vital and all-important in today’s working world.

In addition to this, Sara and I have embarked on our CMI Level 7 qualification course in Project Management and Strategic Thinking that is taught at The Management Centre, at Bangor University.

I hope I can update you soon!


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