First Placement- Highways and Municipal

Apologies for my absence from the blog. Three months ago I started my first long term placement within the Highways and Municipal department. Busy Busy!

It is lovely to join such a close nit team here in the Council’s Depo located within Cibyn Industrial Estate, Caernarfon in order to start working on my projects.

Unfortunately I have to keep the details of my project “hush-hush” since the information is not yet ready to be released to the public. However I can give you a little clue- it involves Recycling ! There is no doubt that recycling is extremely important within this day and age. I am certain that you will have come across a scheme initiated by the Government in order to achieve zero waste within the near future. Therefore, I count myself very lucky that I have been given the opportunity to work within such a timely and important sector.

My work days differ….one day I could be in the office doing work by my desk or going to different meetings…..and another day I could be driving the recycling van around the County visiting front line staff.

I am well aware that the end of my time here is fast approaching, therefore I am determined to make the most of the opportunities available to me here!

Until next time,

Sara (Managers of Tomorrow Scheme)

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