Social Media

At Christmas time,everywhere I look I can see pictures of people shopping, decorating and indulging in festive foods on my social media pages. As I walk through a busy shopping centre, I smile to myself as I see a young person struggling to hold a hot festive drink, two handfuls of shopping bags, and a mobile phone, trying to take the perfect picture next to a model of Santa Clause, ten penguins, and two reindeers.

It is not a secret that there is a huge power for social media, and improving, trimming and editing pictures can produce a small fortune for companies and their models. Getting a good picture can involve tens of people responsible for lighting, make-up,hair, dress and location, and it takes a lot of time and effort.

Although the Council is a public service, we also offer a service to the public and are very eager for them to learn about what is available to them in their areas. Good work is happening across the County and they are very successful, but promoting events,attracting audiences, and showing success through pictures, videos and messages is a full time job in itself – something that our teams are beginning to realize.

Whilst working with Ffion on the youth service communication and marketing plan, I find it an endless job as new ideas are produced every day. Creating posters to promote events to different areas, responding to the questions and comments of our young people, thanking them for their contributions, and trying to measure their satisfaction with the current service, let alone trying to create entertaining pictures to gain new followers, follow other companies and organizations to share their news and events that may be of interest to our audience, without mentioning creating videos to showcase our achievements and creating case studies. Promoting a service is full-time work and consistency and branding are two important components of sharing information with audiences to keep their interest.

Although most of us now own smartphones and are aware of social media, not everyone uses them for business use, so following the success of my challenging effectively training sessions,I have decided to introduce a simple social media training, it will hopefully raise our staff’s awareness of the importance of using social media, and how to use it safely and effectively in the new year.

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