Continuing to challenge…

We are continuing to hold our ‘Challenge Effectively’ sessions and are enjoying meeting new faces throughout the County. Sessions vary in their numbers from 5 in a session up to 20, and each session offers us a new and valuable insight into the willingness of individuals to challenge concepts and systems.

We are learning a lot about different cultures that exist within the departments in the Council, as well as learning about the challenges and benefits that come from challenging ideas and traditions.

The word challenge itself is a word that has been questioned on a regular basis – is it a threatening word, is it a word that probes emotion and is there a better word available to convey collaborating, sharing and developing ideas? Attitude towards challenging effectively is also varied, with a few roles expecting the worker to challenge procedures on a regular basis protecting others’ wellbeing, while other roles are more constrained by policies and procedures.

In discussing options, opinions, and experiences with Council employees, it is a pleasure to see the willingness to challenge our existing systems to ensure that we offer the best possible service to the residents of Gwynedd, and that the ‘people of Gwynedd is central to everything we do’, and we will continue to offer these sessions to our employees in the new year. We hope to see you there!

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