Coaching and Mentoring

Last week I mentioned coaching and mentoring – two valuable skills that are becoming apparent in our working environment.

Since then, I have had the privilege of attending a mentoring conference organized by Business Wales held at Cambria Business College to celebrate a national mentoring day.

It was a comprehensive day that had been split into two. During the morning, we had valuable presentations by Dafydd Roberts, North Wales Area Manager discussing the coaching and mentoring developments in North Wales, and Vicki Massey who presented the skills and effort that lies in paring mentoring with prospective mentees.

In the afternoon we chose to attend two workshops. I decided to attend the “Developing STRONG mentees” workshop and “Leadership in mentoring”. It was a great opportunity for us to network with other mentors and share experiences and ideas.

It was great to see a healthy and open attitude from the mentors and seeing their eagerness to welcome new mentors of all ages, emphasizing that experience and not age is important. It was emphasized that we were building a relationship that works two ways and there was a very interesting panel session with current mentors and mentees sharing experiences and opinions about their relationships, sharing the positives and difficulties that they have overcome.

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