Recent Experiences

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last blog, and that’s a good sign of the busyness of the Scheme – balancing day to day work, training, the qualification and many other experiences!

So what have I been up to? Here’s a brief summary of some of my recent experiences of being part of the Specialists of Tomorrow Scheme:


You may have read in one of my previous blogs that I attended the in-house training ‘Coaching and Mentoring Skills’. Following this training and having seen how much coaching and/or mentoring can offer an individual to improve their development and performance, I didn’t have to think twice before deciding to attend and complete an ILM level 7 qualification in executive coaching and mentoring.

The training was held at the Management Centre in Bangor, and included four days of training in class and then a number of essays and a certain amount of hours where I will practice my coaching skills will have to be completed. The four days of training were extremely useful in order to learn the background information and the various theories regarding mentoring and coaching, and to equip ourselves with a range of ‘tools’ that will help us as coaches. The next step is to conduct coaching sessions with some of the Council’s staff and put what I have learned in the class to practice in order to be a qualified coach.



Academi Wales is a centre of excellence that offers a range of development and training opportunities in leadership and management for the public sector in Wales. The ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ session was held at the Government’s office in Llandudno, and it was a great opportunity to meet and network with officers from various councils, the health board and many other organisations.

The purpose of the session is to help the individual be the best they can by practising the seven habits. It was emphasised that effective change begins from the inside out in order to develop personally and professionally. It was a two day training filled with interesting tasks, activities and discussions as we studied each of the seven habits in turn.

There were a range of elements within each habit that can be practised to be more effective, but what has remained largely in my memory is the third habit ‘Put First Things First’ and the matrix used to prioritise tasks on the basis of importance and urgency. The matrix highlights the tasks that are valuable and wasteful, and therefore time can be prioritised according to the most valuable tasks. I am also currently on the Ffordd Gwynedd training and could see similarities in this habits to what Ffordd Gwynedd emphasises – ensuring that what we do at work is of value to the people of Gwynedd.



We as trainees have set up a promotional project, aimed at promoting Tomorrow’s Plans (Managers of Tomorrow Scheme and Specialists of Tomorrow Scheme) along with the many other jobs and career paths that are available in Gwynedd Council.

The project will be a long term project and we’re only just starting, therefore I’m sure you’ll see more of what we will be doing as part of this project in the future on our blog or social media!

As part of this project, on the 24th of October, Elliw, Sara and I attended a careers fair at Bangor University to discuss the diverse range of jobs and careers available in Gwynedd Council. It was great to meet some of the students who were interested in starting a career in the Council, as well as meeting a few who have been reading our blogs!



The Seren Network was established in order to support sixth form/further education students to achieve their potential and attend leading universities. Recently we as trainees had the opportunity to lead the first session for this year’s crew.

The brief that was set for the session was to develop the students’ networking and communication skills. As a result, we created a two-hour session involving various activities to fulfil that brief which included: human bingo, prioritising tasks in the life of a busy student, and holding an individual discussion about a random topic for a certain period of time (impromptu speeches).

Holding such a session for the students was a different experience from my day to day work, but I enjoyed being part of it. It was a great experience for us as trainees to present some of what we have learned to date to the students and hopefully we have helped them develop their communication skills and provided them with a chance to get to know peers from other schools and colleges who are following same path.



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