A Month in the World of Recycling


That’s the response I received from a resident of Pwllheli while collecting morning bins waste alongside the frontline staff of Gwynedd Council.

While reflecting on the month I spent in the Highways and Municipal Department, I am astonished by all the experiences that I was able to squeeze into such a short amount of time. By the end of my time there I had received a detailed overview of the recycling work of the Council mainly through working alongside the Dwyfor Waste and Recycling Officer. I had also had the opportunity to take part in tasks such as ‘Assessing Equipment’ and ‘Raising Awareness’ as well as attending meetings with senior managers.

The biggest thing that hit me during my visit was all the necessary arrangements and communication needed to provide the best possible service for the residents of Gwynedd. There is no doubt that my experiences have been both educational and beneficial.


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