Rhwydwaith Seren

Last Wednesday (17.10.18) we were privileged as trainees to hold an Effective Communication session with 65 young people aged 16-17 from Anglesey and Gwynedd as part of the ‘Rhwydwaith Seren’ sessions.

The brief was to devise a two-hour session that would look at developing the communication skills of the individuals in an effective but fun way. As so many young people showed interest in attending the five of us decided as trainees to work together to set up a task group in order to respond to the invitation.

We were all excited to have the opportunity, but there was a lot of head scratching too, when thinking about what kind of activities would appeal in the workshop. In the end we decided to focus on three aspects of development:

  1. Develop networks and contacts
  2. Exercising the skill of prioritising and holding a discussion
  3. Developing the ability to talk for a fixed period of time on any topic

The tasks we offered were tailored to meet the above needs with a mix of playing human bingo, debating about the importance of completing BAC tasks, attending prom, and expectations to be the school’s head pupil, as well as two (long!) minutes discussing topics such as what animal we would choose to be and why, and does Facebook make our communities unhappy?

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of holding an activity in the session and met a number of our talented young people living in Gwynedd and Anglesey, I hope that they enjoyed me as much as I did!

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