Promoting Project

In addition to my day to day work, I have also been working on a number of small projects in the Council. Already, you’ve heard of my experience of working with Miriam to set up a series of activities under the umbrella term, Self-Development, which offers opportunities for Council staff to become familiar with the principles of Ffordd Gwynedd.

Another project that I have been leading is the Council’s Promoting Project. It is a new project and we as Trainees are working as a team to develop our promoting sessions. We will look at the promoting the Managers and Specialists of Tomorrow Schemes, Gwynedd Council as an employer, as well as Gwynedd as a County.

One of my main objectives in establishing a team was to see if we could push our boundaries and volunteer for a role that is less comfortable for us than the one we would normally ‘choose’. As the five of us often work together, it would be easy to slip into the mode of choosing the same role on each project, but as we are always looking for opportunities to develop ourselves it was a great opportunity and safe to venture.

When working on this project I have learned how varied the Council is, given all the titles, offices, experiences and people here. I have gained a great overview of our current jobs, work pathways, job opportunities and self-development opportunities for anyone who wants to work at our Organisation.

The promotion project includes visiting University Fairs, Sixth Form Colleges, Secondary Schools, as well as raising our residents’ awareness of what’s already available, and what we can offer them.

Our first visit at Bangor University will be a Careers and Employability Fair on the 24th of October. We look forward to seeing you there!

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