Youth Service – Second Placement

Our new Youth Service is being launched! After six months of planning, preparing, researching and anticipation, we are a new, enthusiastic team looking forward to visiting our communities very soon!

It is likely that some of you will notice that I’ve been involved with the Youth Service for some time now, and a great deal has happened since the last time I wrote on the blog!

The good news is that I have extended my time in the Youth Service for a further six months and will be working on three specific pieces of work.

  • I will be mapping the systems and processes of the service looking at our actions of value and barriers to ensure that our new Service will be working as efficiently as possible.
  • I will also be continuing my work on the communication plan that will help raise awareness of the new Service.
  • Finally, I will have a very exciting responsibility working closely with a new team member for the next six months!

As well as continuing with my responsibilities in the youth service, I will also be working on the Maesgeirchen Children’s Domain Scheme in Bangor. This project is based within the Children and Family Support Service and more information will follow soon regarding my responsibility as part of this project!

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