There are five of us as trainees through ‘Cynlluniau Yfory’ at the moment, and as we work together on various projects our ability to collaborate efficiently is extremely important.

In order to develop our understanding of our individual style of working and learn how we can improve our collaboration, we recently completed an individual DiSC profile and attended a workshop to discuss those profiles.




DiSC is a relatively simple model that highlights how people connect and work together.

The DiSC model was established by Dr William Marston, a physiological psychologist, and was published in the 20s. Others then developed assessment techniques based on the Marston model.

The DiSC model presents four different styles, namely:


Everyone is a blend of the four styles, however most people have a tendency towards one or two styles in particular.

It is emphasised in the profile that no style is better than the other, they are all as valuable as each other.


The first step for us all was to complete an online questionnaire. A smart computer system generates various questions about how we respond individually to different situations. The answers and data from the individual assessment are used to create an individual profile that contains information about your style; what are your workplace priorities; what motivates you and your stressors; and offers guidance on how to work with other styles.

Following the completion of the questionnaire, a session was held for the team of trainees in order for us to receive our profile and discuss the content among each other.

Perhaps you are sceptical of whether the profile can give a good description of everyone individually, but believe me, it was a strange experience to read a profile that described me perfectly, almost better than I could describe myself!


Now we all in the team know what style/styles we tend towards, it means that we can keep this in mind and adapt and improve the way we work together.

We have also set specific targets and developmental points for us to work on as a team, and we will reflect and discuss further at our next team meeting.

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