Challenging Effectively – Part 6

We have reached the end of the week and have held two Challenging Effective sessions for around 40 Council staff.

The sessions were a quick, hourly session, and after we discussed challenging, showed an interesting experiment, presented techniques to challenge and having an opportunity to practice what had been discussed and presented, the hour had flown by!

It was a great experience to have our colleagues attending our session, and see their willingness to learn more about challenging effectively.

What is the feedback that we have received from the session attendees?

Here’s an example of some feedback we received.

“Interesting session”

“Very valuable”

“Especially good”

Indeed, it is good to hear that the hard work has been worth it and that the participants have benefited from the session.

So what’s next?

The purpose of the session was to raise awareness of the importance of challenging and the consequences of not challenging, and motivating attendees to challenge when appropriate. But the hard work starts now for the attendees as they practice the skill of challenging efficiently beyond the comforting walls of the learning room, that is in the wider workplace.

The first two sessions have been a success but we don’t intend to stop here! We will organize more sessions for the future not only in Caernarfon but in other locations too and continue to raise awareness of the importance of challenging effectively, in order to strive to put the people of Gwynedd central to everything we do!

Elliw and Miriam

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