Derwen – Arawn’s second location

I have now reached my second placement safe and sound. I am enjoying my time at Derwen which is Gwynedd’s Integrated Team for Disabled Children. As part of the experience I’m working at play groups for children with learning disabilities at Ysgol yr Hendre for 3 days every week and then the rest of my week consists of designing and creating information leaflets for the Families First programme at Derwen.

As you can imagine I have met very special people. The staff that are working with the children on a daily basis deserve medals for their tough and hard work.

During the month I will have experience with the juniors and the seniors, this will mean learning and improving my understanding and discernment skills very quickly.
Instinctively when a child is on his/her own I tend to try to be a friend and try to make a conversation with the child – but according to advice from the staff, some of the children do not want to talk at all. The staff here recognise and know about the needs and characters of every child in their care.
– Something I hope to be able to learn before the end of the month!

I will have the opportunity to be part of meetings, drawing up information leaflets and ask a lot of questions during my time here with the Team Derwen.

I will be blogging again during the month, so come back every now and then to see if I have recorded more here.

Bye for now,

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