Visiting the Street Enforcement Team!

One of the tasks that I have been working over the last few weeks is planning and drafting a policy. The policy focuses on the data protection aspect of the use of Body Worn Cameras.
I thought it would be beneficial to arrange some time to visit some of the departments that already use the cameras, and also those who are intending to do so.

I spent a day in the company of a Street Enforcement Warden, the day consisted of patrolling Bangor and it’s surrounding areas. One of the common problems that the Department faced was the Fly Tipping, as this happened occasionally in the area. It was interesting experiencing the process unfold on how the department dealt with the problem from the initial report and how they went on to deal with it efficiently.
The warden is also one of the first points of contact within the service. Whilst patrolling members of the public would approach the warden with enquiries. This method of reporting meant that the warden could act efficiently and deal with certain enquiries without the public having to report through a separate process.

Spending time with the Warden was valuable in my opinion. It provided myself with an understanding on certain situations where the Body Worn Camera’s would be used. But, also how it benefits the warden when evidence needs to be collected for certain cases.

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