A day on the Beach!

As the weather’s been fantastic recently, I thought it would be nice to spend some time on the beach! It was lucky I had a good enough reason to visit and it was relevant to what I had been working on!

I arranged a visit with the Maritime Department as they are also in the process of implementing the use of Body Worn Cameras for some of their staff. I spent a couple of days with the department visiting Abersoch and Black Rock Sands.
Again, this experience was very beneficial as it allowed me to experience a variety of different tasks such as:

  • Patrolling the Beach to ensure the public were safe and the beach was clean.
  • Ensuring all relevant signage was present. Such as parking signs and dog signs.
  • Collecting parking and launch fees for jet-skis and other vessels
On the Shovel!

With the staff being very people orientated, there were times where the role could be challenging. For example, when asking the public to move as they had dogs in the restricted areas, some members of the public found it difficult to take. When challenges like this arise, then it does show you times where a body worn camera could be beneficial

Having a tour around Abersoch’s Beach

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