A whole week at Galw Gwynedd

If you want to find out about the whole range of services the Council provides – this is the place to come and see the Council at it’s best!

Getting to see the call centre staff at work has opened my eyes to the systems and procedures of the Council. Here they deal with queries regarding defective parking machines, green bins, brown, food and all, paying council taxes and applications for blue badges.

When travelling over to Penrhyndeudraeth on the first Monday morning I had a picture in my head of an office of about fifty people answering calls and passing enquiries from the public on. On the contrary there was only 12 people there. They receive on average about 650 queries per day, and then after receiving all the calls the staff process and connect the customer with their need and the right service – which is absolutely amazing.

I spent my week listening to calls and contribute to meetings, training on applications for a Blue Badge and the impact of new GDPR rules on the work of the call centre.

As a starting point to work here in the Council, I don’t think there is a better place to learn and develop knowledge about the work of the Council than at the call centre.

The staff are ‘encyclopedias’ – every one of them. I thanks them for their welcome and willingness to answer every question I askedt. These are valued members of the life and success of Gwynedd Council!


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