“Hello! Galw Gwynedd. Sara’n siarad. Sut allai helpu? How can I help?”

That was my chosen telephone greeting during my time at the contact center ‘Galw Gwynedd’ last week. Both answering and listening in on calls was extremely interesting and it was incredible to see the wide scope of work undertaken within the centre. To many of you, the title “contact center” would suggest that the work includes general tasks such as transferring calls, but this was definitely not the case!

The contact centre is responsible for numerous tasks such as registering a birth or death, assessing blue badge applications, responding to enquiries regarding council tax and much more! It became evident on my very first day that ‘Galw Gwynedd’ is an essential part of the Council’s public communications structure.

Being a girl from Porthmadog, there were many familiar faces within the office! It also became very clear that they were a very close-knit  team and they made me feel very welcome. Thank you girls!!

By the end of the week I was sad at the thought of leaving since I’d enjoyed their company and I’d been given the opportunity to undertake many of the tasks and obtain first-hand experience of the work undertaken there.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and it’s now time for me to move on and widen my experience on the front line…………..

Therefore, until next time

Bye for now!

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