A New Placement


One thing that was emphasised to me many times when I started as a trainee was that the two years would fly by. I have been a trainee for almost six months and now find myself emphasising this to the new trainees!

My first placement with the Procurement Unit has come to an end and I have started a new placement with the People Category Team that are based in the Adult, Health and Wellbeing Department.

There is no doubt that one starts to feel at home at a placement, and starting a new placement means that one has, to some extent, start again. But it also means that there is a fresh and exciting opportunity to meet new people, gain new experiences and develop my skills further.

During my first placement I have developed my understanding of procurement and the Council’s procurement arrangements through a variety of experiences and this will, no doubt, continue throughout my new placement. But as I am in a different department I also need to understand what are the services and the vision of this department. In order to do this I have had a meeting with the Head of Department to get an overview of the department’s vision and have also met with many of the officers within the department in order to gain knowledge of the services that they lead. These meetings have been extremely beneficial, however, by learning from my experiences in the past few months I strongly believe that the best way to learn about the Council’s services is to get direct experiences of them and therefore I have also arranged to visit some of the front line services of the department such as learning disability day centres.

While working in the adult, health and wellbeing department I will be leading a tendering project. As well as ensuring value for money and keeping the benefit local, this department has an additional objective of enabling Gwynedd’s adults to ‘Live my life as I wish’. Procuring a service whereby the quality of life of some Gwynedd’s residents is dependent on that service, is undoubtedly a privilege. I’m looking forward to putting the information that I have learned and the skills that I have developed in recent months to action to ensure the wellbeing of those residents who are dependent on the support and care provided by the department.

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