The first few weeks…

Hello, I’m Elin and I’ve just started my new role as a Trainee Manager in the Managers’ of Tommorow Scheme (Cynllun Rheolwyr Yfory).

Personally I don’t like to read long paragraphs and meaningless texts so I’ve tried to keep how the first weeks went as short as possible!

I’m not sure if it’s possible for anyone to fully explain exactly how it actually feels to be part of the first few weeks of the Plan, but two words I would use is busy and very diverse!

The first week was a combination of an induction process, starting to work on a small project and trying to remember the names of so many different people! The second and third weeks consisted of going out to visit the “front line” – day and residential centres, visiting the Galw Gwynedd call centre and Siop Gwynedd and then meeting the Leader of the Council, the Chief Executive, Departmental and Service managers and sitting in on corporate management group.

Only after completing the first few weeks I’ve really had the opportunity to realize and absorb how many experiences I have had and how privileged it is to get these experiences – not every job within the Council get these experiences over a job duration let alone over a three week period!

My next few weeks will be with the Communications and Engagement Team working on a children and young people engagement project . The aim of the project is to strengthen the way the Council carries out a conversation with children and young people between the ages of 11 and 25 about different local authority affairs that have an effect on these age groups. So this will be my challenge over the next five weeks! I’ll be back soon to update how the project has developed!

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