Looking backward, and looking forward

I’ve left the cards and presents at my desk, and I’m now sitting comfortably in the middle of friends’ laughter enjoying my lunch hour. Today is the last day of my first placement and I feel like a chick ready to fly the nest. Every person who sits around me has taught me valuable lessons, and it will feel strange to leave the crew behind to settle in a different office next week.

Looking backward
On my journey, so many people have told me that the time will fly past, but it is only becoming a reality at the end of my first placement! Looking back at the person I was at the start of my journey in September has demonstrated how much I have learnt in a short period of time, and what the Scheme is offering me.

I have attempted to use my skills to solve a problem, leading, managing and monitoring change within a team, and I am continuing to see the impact of my work on the roles of other staff members. I have learned how important it is to work with others to achieve a goal, and have become aware that having a backbone and willingness to venture are important if I am to stay true to my personal values.

I have experienced the impact of politics on decisions, and have appreciated the importance of considering facts, presenting information transparently and accurately to the public, and communicating clearly within my role, as individuals within an organisation rely on each other to succeed.

One of the main things that I have enjoyed about the Scheme is the opportunity to meet so many new people, as well as being trusted to take on responsibilities. I have completed Ffordd Gwynedd training conducted by the Chief Executive, worked with a mentor to challenge and push my boundaries, and have managed to pass the CMI’s first modules.

Looking forward
Looking to the future, I’m looking forward to starting my new role within the Economy and Community Department. Now, I feel at home at the Council, and I’m ready for a new challenge using all the information I’ve gathered so far. Although I’m moving to a new department, I’m leaving the role of ‘the new girl’ at the first location. Now, I believe in my ability, have confidence in my skills, and am eager to make new friends.

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