Elliw Haf Pritchard

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I’m Elliw – a general manager trainee on Gwynedd Council’s Managers of Tomorrow Scheme.

The Managers of Tomorrow Scheme has been running under its new title since March 2017. I have been settling into the role since July 2017 and will be a part of the Scheme until July 2019.


During these two years I will benefit from a variety of experiences – from visiting the front line, to working in three different departments across the Council for a period of 6 months working on projects, as well as completing a Level 7 qualification with the CMI  in Leadership and Management.

One of my first tasks in my new role was to devise a way of marketing and raising the profile of our Scheme – I therefore welcome you to my imagination!

I will use these blog posts to update you on what we have been doing over the past few months, what I have got planned, and give a glimpse of everyday life being a part of the Scheme! To follow my journey, keep your eyes posted on the blog posts…



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